The Tailored trip offers an all-inclusive, highly personalized meeting planning service for your next corporate event. Whether your group has 10 or 100 attendees, The Tailored Trip can coordinate every aspect with expertise and professionalism. Don’t suffer through another ineffective meeting! We collaborate with you in order to learn the specific needs and goals of your organization, and then create a customized package perfect for you.


We excel at working with small to medium-sized companies who benefit from letting our team of planning professionals take care of the trip details. Help your company become known for delivering an outstanding and memorable meeting every time!


Incentive Travel


Group incentive travel can serve as an inspiration to other teams in the company to work even harder together, put away differences, and simply function as a completely unified group. Travel is a luxury — a privilege for a few — and the opportunity to see a different place with all expenses covered is definitely something many want to be worthy of to enrich themselves.


Numerous studies have shown the benefits of employee recognition and incentive programs. One study showed that for every $2,000 per employee that is invested in incentives, company sales increased by 20%. Can you afford NOT to reward your employees for their hard work?


At The Tailored Trip, we utilize a unique, client focused planning approach. We will proactively create an incentive travel program carefully customized around the particular preferences of your group.